3 online promotion strategy

3 online promotion strategies for boosting the visibility of your business in Taiwan

Are you running a business in Taiwan, but struggling to get customers? Probably you should work on improving the online visibility of your business. 

In reality, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to run a business without a strong online presence, especially in Taiwan where many customers rely heavily on information online to make purchase decisions. It takes a lot of effort and planning to become visible enough to reach customers online, engage and convert them into customers. 

Fear not, in this article we’ll share 3 strategies to help you to improve your online visibility and bring you clients, so that your business will grow and flourish in Taiwan!

1. Social media marketing

Social media presence has become an essential part of marketing for almost every business. When Taiwanese customers come across a company new to them, very often they’d look it up on Facebook and Instagram, the 2 dominant social media platforms in Taiwan, before they decide whether they’d want to purchase the product or use the service from that company. Therefore, having an active company profile on social media, and posting regularly would give your potential clients an extra level of confidence, as they can see that someone is actively managing the business.

Before setting up your Facebook and Instagram page, be warned that the social media habits of Taiwanese customers might be very different from your own culture. Check out this article explaining 8 facts you should know about the social media culture of Taiwanese.

2. Improving SEO of your business

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)is a skill which improves your online ranking and helps you get found by your customers when they search keywords related to your business on search engines such as Google. Good SEO will help your business appear on the first page of search engines, and as you can imagine, you’ll be able to get more visibility than those that appear on the second page or so. 

Improving the SEO of your business will also give you free exposure, so that you don’t need to rely constantly on paid ads for visibility. 

How to improve the SEO of your business? To begin with, you’ll need to find out the keywords which are commonly used by your customers for searching related business online. Then you’ll need to strategically insert these keywords into the content of your website. Content marketing, which means producing content (articles, videos, podcasts etc.) which answer the questions of your customers, or help them to solve a problem will also be very useful for improving your SEO.

In this article you will find 6 tips for improving the SEO of your business. 

3. Running ads on social media and Google 

If you have just started your business, running paid ads on social media and/or Google will help getting the initial online exposure for your brand.  

Many small businesses would hesitate about running ads and want to rely on free organic traffic only. But building free visibility by SEO and social media marketing is a slow process which will take at least a few months, if not a year, to bring you enough customers for a profit that will sustain your business. Therefore, at an early stage, small businesses should see paid ads as an investment for helping them to gain visibility and get clients. 

One of the benefits of Facebook, Instagram and Google ads is you can start with a low budget. However, in order to see some results, we suggest a budget not lower than NT200 per day. Check out this article for 7 tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your Facebook/Instagram ad.

We hope these 3 strategies will help you build a strong online presence for the success of your business in Taiwan. 

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About the author-Jeanie Tsui
About the author-Jeanie Tsui
7 years experience in digital marketing, content creation and copy writing.
Guest lecturer of Hong Kong Polytechnic University on copy writing and digital marketing.
Guest lecturer and regular blog contributor of HD course (a leading digital marketing and SEO school).
Guest speaker on digital marketing and publishing for various organizations in Taiwan and Hong Kong such as Hong Kong Trade Development council, VolTra, Startup Group and Rotary.
Best selling author of book “Tango Spanish and Buenos Aires Travel Tips”.