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How to use Instagram reels to grow your business in Taiwan

If you are running a business in Taiwan, especially if you are in the fashion, lifestyle, food and beverage sector, Instagram is a social media promotional platform which you can’t overlook. 

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform in Taiwan. Over the past few years there’s been a significant increase in user number, especially in the age group of 20s and 30s. If you need to build your brand image and influence over a younger customer group, you’ll need to up your Instagram promotion game now. 

When we talk about Instagram promotion, you may think of brands posting glamorous photos. But did you know that reels have surpassed photos and become the hottest content format on Instagram, and many businesses have successfully used reel to reach thousands of users and achieved a massive growth in their follower number? 

In this article, we’ll explain to you why reel is a powerful tool for growing your instagram account and follower number, then we will show you how to create and use instagram reel to promote your business and grow your brand influence in Taiwan. We’ll also give you 5 topic ideas to help you create engaging reels and grow your brand visibility .

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What is an instagram reel?

Reels are short videos with a duration limit of 90s (although soon you’ll be able to upload reel up to 15 minutes). They are punchy and fast-paced, and offer a great way to share information about your business with your followers, and connect with them. They can be used to show off your products or services, to give a tour of your office or factory, or to share any other type of information that you think might be of interest to your followers.

Why is reel powerful in growing follower numbers?

Unlike posts and stories which are shown only to your followers, Instagram will push reel to users who are not yet your followers, which means instagram will actively find people who are likely to have interest in your content based on what they have viewed, liked, shared in the past, and serve your reel to them.

Instagram has a designated tab for reels. It also shares reels on the Explore page, where users can scroll through reels from creators who they are not following. Thus, this will help you to gain visibility and potentially new followers, if they find your reel interesting. 

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How can I create a reel?

Think you’ll need fancy equipment for making a reel? Well, think again! As many creators have been producing amazing reels using only the instagram app and smartphone.

The built-in function of instagram allows you to use your phone to film the short video, edit it, put music on it, as well as adding filters, special effects and stickers. After creating your video, you can upload it directly to instagram. 

5 reel ideas for promoting your brand and engage your audiences:

So what types of reel you should film? Here we provide 5 reel ideas, and some reel examples (click on the graphics to watch the full reel):

1. Educational reels 

Sharing educational content with reel is a great way to build audiences. A secret to make a delicious omelet in 5 minutes, 3 tips for muscle-building, or 5 essential Mandarin phrases you must know for living in Taiwan-there are so much contents related to your area which you can share in a reel with your followers to help them learn a new skill. 

One of our most popular reels is the one which talks about different marketing tools in Taiwan (click on the graphics to watch the full reel!):

marketing tools in taiwan

When you are creating educational reels, think of them as mini tutorials of 30-40s, and make them short and easy to follow will help your audiences quickly learn the skill, and come back for more!

Wonder how you can further promote your business with educational content? Read our article on how to use content marketing to promote your business.

2. Share “behind-the-scenes” of your brand

Behind-the-scene content is powerful in connecting with your customers, as they will see who you are, why you started your business, and what is your vision. The more open you are in disclosing the personal side of your business, the easier to build relationships and gain trust with your audiences. 

Some behind-the-scenes reel ideas you can explore:

-A day of you in the office

-Introduce your team 

-The process of making your product

-How did you come up with your business idea

Here’s one of our reels which talks about the difficulties we have been through when we started our business, and it’s by far the most popular reels on our IG account!

3.  “Before-and-after”

“Before-and-after” reels are powerful in showcasing the value and transformation you can bring to your customers, and they can be easily made by compiling photos and videos taken before you start the project, and the result you have achieved after the project is completed. 

The reel made by Joy’s Handmade Boutique offers a glimpse of their process of making their earrings: 

4. Share your value

If your brand is built upon a vision or a social cause, such as environmental sustainability or supporting ethnical minority groups, sharing it in a reel is a great way to tell the world about it.

In the reel created by Kat Carter Homeware, they explain how they repurpose, recycle and reuse everything that they can, which serves as a great motivation for their audiences to follow their action. 

5. Provide useful checklist

Audiences love checklists as they offer a step-by-step guide to greater goals, and checklists can be easily converted into short videos like reels.

Here are some examples:

-Essential beach packing list

-Baking ingredients every baker needs

-Beauty routines you do every morning

The options are endless and you will surely find a lot of tips on your particular topic to share.

Here’s a reel by fitness coach Action Jacquelyn on the 5 stretches she does daily:

We hope this article will help you to get started with making reel, and tap into its potential in growing your business and following!

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About the author-Jeanie Tsui
About the author-Jeanie Tsui
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