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Google My Business Changes-How it impacts Taiwan businesses, and 3 facts you need to know

Earlier this year, Google announced a major change on its “Google My Business (GMB)” service: “Beginning July 2022, the Google My Business mobile app will no longer be available”.

GMB is a service offered by Google for businesses to list their location and service details on Google map, and it has been important for businesses in Taiwan, especially if you are offering local services, such as catering, education (e.g. language school, tutorial centre, yoga school, gym centre), and other brick-and-mortar services. 

In this article we will explain why GMB is important for Taiwan Business, and 3 facts to help you navigate this change.

Why “Google My Business” is important for Taiwan businesses

1. Taiwan customers rely on GMB to find business information 

In Taiwan, whenever local customers need a service, they often use Google maps as their first source of information-because Google map is so convenient for customers that they can just open the app, type in the keyword (e.g. restaurant, English class etc.), and the information of related businesses nearby, including the location, the opening hour, services provided and reviews will be shown to them upon one click. 

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2. Businesses also use Google map to find suppliers and collaborators nearby

When looking for suppliers and collaborators, many Taiwan businesses also rely heavily on Google map to find potential collaborators nearby. So if you want to attract other businesses to work with you, make sure your GMB information is complete and you’ve stated clearly what you offer (type of product/service).

3. Local SEO

Local SEO is a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy that helps your business get more exposure in local search results on Google. 

Having your business listed on GMB, offering a comprehensive profile that clearly describes the products/services you offer, and constantly updating your information on GMB is the first step for improving your local SEO and increasing the chance of being discovered by customers near you. 

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So what do you need to know about the recent change in Google My Business? Here are 3 facts you’ll need to know: 

3 facts you need to know about changes in Google My Business

1. Your listing on Google map is safe!

If you are already on GMB, this change will not affect your existing listing-all the information, photos and reviews will still be there.

Your business is not on Google map yet? You can use Google Business Profile manager to apply for the listing with your Google account. 

2. Affects only how you manage your listing on mobile

If you have been managing your GMB account on mobile, you are probably using “Google My Business mobile app” to do so. In July 2022, the app will retire.

The good news: you’ll be managing your listing directly on Google map, by logging in with the Google account you used for creating the listing, so things will be more straightforward. 

3. Desktop users-almost no change

If you have been using the desktop version to manage your listing, you won’t feel any changes at all-except the name of the platform has been changed to “Google Business Profile Manager”. The layout and how you update your information will remain unchanged. 

Hope this article has helped you understand why your Google map listing is important, and how to navigate the changes.

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About the author-Jeanie Tsui
About the author-Jeanie Tsui
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