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Keep up with the latest social media trends Stay on top of Taiwan marketing game   

How our marketing webinar benefits business owners

Latest Taiwan Marketing trends

Adapt your promotion strategies to the changing preferences and behaviors of Taiwanese consumers, so to engage your target customers and maximize sales. 

Promotion Dos & Don'ts

Align your strategies with effective practices and avoid costly mistake, ensuring optimal results and a positive brand image in the market.

Marketing Case studies 

Learn from success and failure. From successful marketing campaigns, businesses can identify winning strategies and replicate them. Similarly, studying promotion that failed helps avoid pitfalls and refine future approaches. 

About the speaker

Founder of Digital Marketing Taiwan

Jeanie Tsui is a copywriting, marketing, and publishing specialist from Hong Kong. She noticed a dearth of English information dissecting the digital marketing landscape and trends in Taiwan, and limited marketing services were available to English-speaking entrepreneurs and companies in the region.

She founded "Digital Marketing Taiwan" as a solution to the problem and is now the hub of English digital marketing information and services in Taiwan. 

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Insider tips for marketing success in Taiwan

What is covered in the webinar: 

1. The Latest Facebook and Instagram Trends in Taiwan

2. How to Increase Online Visibility Without Paid Ads

3. 2 Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid 

How to market & sell your products in Taiwan

What is covered in the webinar: 

2 Marketing tricks which no longer work in Taiwan