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digital Marketing Taiwan

How to promote & get sales in Taiwan in 2023

January 11th


8:00 pm

(Taipei Time)

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Marketing Methods which no longer work in 2023

2 marketing methods which used to be effective will no longer work in Taiwan. We will explain the reasons behind and the impact on your promotion.

Changes in Taiwanese customer Behaviours 

Understand the differences in the way how customers make their purchase decision, and how you should adapt your marketing to drive sales. 

How to sell in Taiwan market in 2023

Strategies for building a strong brand and a loyal customer base. 

Speaker- Jeanie Tsui

Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Taiwan

Jeanie is a digital marketing and copywriting specialist from Hong Kong. She noticed a dearth of English information dissecting the digital marketing landscape and trends in Taiwan, and limited marketing services were available to English-speaking entrepreneurs and companies in the region, these inspired her to found Digital Marketing Taiwan in 2019. She has helped 20+ companies in building comprehensive marketing strategies for selling to Taiwanese consumers.