The Ultimate Guide on Instagram Marketing in Taiwan 

Instagram has been growing rapidly in Taiwan over the past 3 years, and will soon become the DOMINANT platform for younger clients in their 20s and 30s. 

 Time to up your Instagram game!

What you'll get from this 23-page guide:

Facts and statistics you must know about IG and FB promotion in Taiwan (2024)

Don't know whether you should focus more on Facebook or Instagram promotion? We will show you the most updated changes in number of users and age distribution, based on the latest research. 

Why you should put more effort on IG promotion in 2024

Still spending most of your effort on Facebook promotion? These 2 advertising benefits of IG over FB will make you think again...

8 strategies for growing your follow & getting customers on IG

Here we will offer 8 tried and true IG promotional tactics which will immediately help growing your IG account, maximising exposure for your business, and getting clients and sales!

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