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4 lessons I learnt from my clients on creating a successful business

In 2022 I encountered many digital marketing clients who have established a successful business. While I share with them my social media marketing knowledge, I am often inspired by their entrepreneurial experience which helps me to grow my own business.

Here are 4 valuable lessons I’ve learnt from my clients:

1. Success takes grit

One core personal trait of my clients with successful businesses is the ability to persevere through difficult times. Over the past 3 years we have all been impacted by the pandemic and economic downturn, and those who thrive in difficult times are the people who have a strong need for achievement. They focus on the end goal which helps them to endure the adversity they have been through.

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2. Flexibility 

Being flexible and willing to try different options is another valuable trait that helps my clients to stay in the field.

Several clients whose restaurants were forced to close during the height of covid have switched to food delivery, and this helped them to sustain their businesses till the time when they could reopen their restaurants again. 

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3. Don’t wait till you are ready to start something

Some of my clients are successful because they see an opportunity before the others and immediately jump onto it. They are willing to learn on the fly and regroup when things don’t work.

One client started an English podcast when they saw a demand for English learning resources from people of higher career level, without prior experience in podcasting. Now they own thousands of loyal audiences and have been approached by brands asking to advertise in their podcast, which they have never expected. 

Even if you don’t have the experience and resources when you are starting out, if you keep working on the opportunity and letting people know about it, the right resources and people will come to you which will help you to achieve what you are aiming for.

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4. Be consistent and show up regularly

One thing I admire about my successful clients is they keep showing up even when things are tough. 

I’ve a client in tourism and his business came to a halt during the COVID. He didn’t know when he could take customers again, but he still consistently produced quality social media content. Since he had been maintaining a consistent social media presence, he stayed on the mind of his customers. Once travel restrictions were eased, he quickly gained back his customers and grew even bigger thanks to customers’ referral.

Showing up consistently is important not only for staying on the minds of customers, but also building trust and nourishing relationships with them, since these often take time to develop. 

I hope these 4 lessons will help you to grow your business too!

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About the author-Jeanie Tsui
About the author-Jeanie Tsui
7 years experience in digital marketing, content creation and copy writing.
Guest lecturer of Hong Kong Polytechnic University on copy writing and digital marketing.
Guest lecturer and regular blog contributor of HD course (a leading digital marketing and SEO school).
Guest speaker on digital marketing and publishing for various organizations in Taiwan and Hong Kong such as Hong Kong Trade Development council, VolTra, Startup Group and Rotary.
Best selling author of book “Tango Spanish and Buenos Aires Travel Tips”.