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5 ways to 3x your efficiency of social media promotion

Does managing your own social media promotion feel like a hamster on a wheel?

When I talk to many small business owners, they often either experience burnout on managing their own social media promotion, because they have been spending too much time managing it besides running their own businesses; or they’d just ignore their social media page and post only when they feel like to. 

Neither approach is ideal. You should be posting regularly on your social media to maintain an online presence, and nurturing a relationship with your followers, while keeping the time you spend on social media manageable and realistic to your schedule. 

Here are 5 ways which can help you to increase the efficiency of managing your social media, so that you can limit the time spent to just a few hours every week:

social media content pillar

1. Decide on several content pillars 

Some people spend a long time on social media content creation because they don’t know what content to create, so they spend long hours on research and finding content ideas.

Deciding on several content pillars, and creating content around those pillars will help you save a lot of time brainstorming ideas, and also keep your brand message coherent.

For example, if you are a restaurant owner, your content pillars might look like:

  • Menu items
  • Cooking processes
  • Promotion and offers
  • Special events 
  • Review from customers

If you are a personal trainer, your content pillars might look like:

  • Body training tips
  • Do and don’t for body training
  • Mindset for body training
  • Diet for muscle building
  • Testimonial from students

For example, if you have 5 content pillars, and create one social post based on each pillar, you’ll easily create 5 pieces of social media content for posting!

2. Batch making content 

Batch making content is my favourite trick in increasing content production efficiency.

When you are producing the same content in a large batch, you save time and brain energy from switching tasks. 

I’d usually batch making content of the same format in one go. For example, I’d create 10 graphics posts or film 10 short videos in one afternoon, and post them throughout a few weeks. 

social media content scheduling

3. Schedule your content in advance 

Manually posting content will consume you a lot of time, also it’s easy to forget when it’s time to post. 

After you have batch produced content, scheduling them in advance will give you the peace of mind that your content will show up at the right time.

You can use Facebook business suite to schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram pages, or 3rd party tools such as Buffer, Later or Hootsuite to schedule content across different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and LinkedIn.

4. Check statistics and double down on popular content 

After posting, it’s important to observe how your followers react to your content. 

Check the insight report or statistics offered by the social media platform every week, and see the number of engagement of your posts. If you find a certain post stands out, it means that content resonates strongly with your audience, and you should double down and produce similar content to keep engaging your audiences. 

5. Run ad using a small budget to amplify your result

If you have been on social media for a while, you may notice the organic reach (people see your post naturally without a paid ad) has been dropping over the years.

According to the survey by “Hootsuite” and “We are social” in 2022, the average organic reach on Facebook and Instagram are 0.07% and 1.94%, which means out of 100 followers of your social media page, only 2 of them would see your post organically. 

Spending a small ad budget, such as USD5 a day, would help substantially in showing your content to more potential customers, especially those who haven’t followed your page yet. This will help you to get more visibility and traffic in a shorter time than relying only on free promotion. 

We hope these 5 tips will help reduce your time on managing social media promotion, and making your life easier.

If you want a more tailored strategy on how to maximise the effectiveness of your digital marketing, especially in the Taiwan market, we have a coaching service in which will offer a social media audit of your current marketing situation, and provide a report on a customised strategy on helping you to achieve your promotion and sales goal. Contact us for a chat!

About the author-Jeanie Tsui
About the author-Jeanie Tsui
7 years experience in digital marketing, content creation and copy writing.
Guest lecturer of Hong Kong Polytechnic University on copy writing and digital marketing.
Guest lecturer and regular blog contributor of HD course (a leading digital marketing and SEO school).
Guest speaker on digital marketing and publishing for various organizations in Taiwan and Hong Kong such as Hong Kong Trade Development council, VolTra, Startup Group and Rotary.
Best selling author of book “Tango Spanish and Buenos Aires Travel Tips”.

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