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9 social media myths which will harm your social media growth

Are you running social media promotion, but not seeing the growth you are hoping for? 

You may fall victim to some social media myths.

Running your social media based on these misconceptions will limit the success of your promotion and harm your growth.

Check if you believe in any of the below 9 social media myths:

1. I can use the same post on every social platform:

In order to save time, some people would make one social media post and post it on all social media platforms. However, every platform is unique in terms of audiences, post content and format. 

In order to grow on a platform, you need to understand the interest and preference of audiences on each platform, and tailor your content accordingly.

2 .The more followers I have, the more success my brand will be:

Oftentimes, follower number is just a vanity metric.

A brand or an influencer can have many people following their page, but if the brand or influencer doesn’t put an effort in nurturing the relationship with followers, the followers would soon forget about the brand or the influencer. 

The best way to engage your followers is to provide useful content to them. When they keep consuming and finding value in your content, they will have trust in you, and this will help you to convert them into clients.  

The best outcome will be your followers becoming your brand advocates and helping spread your message to people around them.

3. I need to be on every social media platform to increase my visibility

This is not really a myth-in theory, the more social media platforms you are on, the more visibility you should get. 

However, we all have a limit on the time and resources we can spend on managing social media. Instead of spreading yourself too thin and trying to get on every platform, a more efficient way is to find out which platform would help us to reach most of our target audiences.

If you are in Taiwan and aiming to reach mature clients aged 35+, you should focus more on Facebook. However, if your clients are in their 20s or early 30s, you should put more effort on Instagram instead. 

Investing your time to produce quality content and engage your target audiences on the platform where they hang out will give you the best return on social media effort. 

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4. I’ve to put hashtags on all my social media posts

Gone are the days when hashtags would bring a lot of traffic for you on Instagram, since the algorithm of Instagram has got smarter in categorising your post according to your caption, and showing your post to those who may be interested. So instead of maxing out the 30 hashtag limit, you can now throw in only a few key hashtags.

On other platforms such as Facebook, hashtags don’t work in the same ways as on Instagram and don’t really help in bringing traffic.

5. Get your family and friends to “like” every post

Many people would ask their family and friends to follow the page when they just started and have no followers. 

Your well-intended family and friends may “like” all your social posts and think this will help you grow. However, that won’t help in getting the algorithm showing your content to others. Instead, encourage your followers to like, comment and share your content, and this will truly help spreading your content.

6. My social media page should be all about selling

Some people think they should show only their products or services on social pages. However, a better use of social media is to build trust & connect with your customers, and build a lasting impression on their mind.

Offering helpful content such as tips and hacks to customers is a good way to build trust with them. Another way is to show the “behind-the-scenes”, such as a day in your office, how your products are made… etc , so that they can see the real people and process behind the brand.

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7. Social media promotion is free

While opening a social media account is free, managing social media accounts takes a lot of time and effort. Moreover, as the organic reach (your followers seeing your post naturally without any paid ad) is low on many social media platforms, sometimes you may need to spend some money to run ads so that you can reach more audiences.

However, in Taiwan many customers would judge a brand from their social media pages, if they see an inactive page, they would have a negative impression of the brand. On the other hand, if you have been using social media effectively to engage your audiences and turn them into raving fans, this will pay off in terms of sales and conversion.


8. Social media will give me instant success

You may have heard stories of social media bringing instant fame to people, but success on social media rarely happens overnight.

Most of the time, building a brand on social media requires consistent effort and a good strategy. But after you have built a loyal following of people trusting your brand, the return can be huge.

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9. I need to post several times a day to grow my account

Some people think that the more frequently they post, the faster their account will grow, so they go to the extreme of posting several times a day, and burn themselves out.

However, a better strategy would be prioritising quality over quantity and focus your effort on a few weekly posts that provide value to your audience. Consistent posting will keep you relevant while not congesting the feed of your followers, and also a more manageable workload for the long run. 

We hope this article will help you bust some myths and run your social media promotion more effectively.

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