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5 tips to boost your visibility on Google map listing for getting more customers

Is your Google map business listing optimised for getting the most sales opportunities?

In Taiwan, many businesses overlook the importance of their Google map listing (Google Business Profile). However, having an optimised Google map listing will help your business get more eyeballs, and attract more customers, especially those in proximity. 

In this article, we will explain why the listing on Google map is important for Taiwan businesses, and 5 tips on optimising your listing for getting more customers.

What is “Google Business Profile” 

Formerly known as “Google My Business”, it is a free business listing service offered by Google. After you have set up your Google Business Profile, your business details, such as location, services and products will be visible to your customers in Google search, Google map and Google shopping. 

Note: To register a Google Business profile, the business needs to have a physical address.

How to get your business listed? Go to Google Business Profile and follow the prompt to get your business registered.

Why “Google Business Profile” important for businesses in Taiwan?

 1. Taiwanese customers rely heavily on Google map to find what they need 

Google map

In Taiwan, customers are accustomed to searching with keywords on Google map to find a business nearby that fulfils their needs. A good Google listing is particularly important if you are in the following local businesses:

-Restaurants, cafe and pub

-Brick & mortar businesses (e.g. pet store) 

-School and education centres, e.g. cram school, language school

-Hotels & hostels

-Local services (e.g. gym, yoga studio, hair salon etc.)

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2. Businesses also use Google map to find suppliers and collaborators nearby

When looking for suppliers and collaborators, many Taiwan businesses also rely heavily on Google map to find potential collaborators nearby. If you want to attract business collaboration opportunities, make sure you fill out your complete business information, and state clearly your services or products. 

5 tips to boost your visibility on Google map

1. Complete your profile 

Google map listing with complete information will appear to be more trustworthy to customers, also increase your chance of matching a search with your customers, so make sure you have filled in all your business information, such as the phone number, opening hours, services and product provided etc.

 2. Add photos of your location and products

Businesses which show their venues would attract more visits by their customers. If you are a restaurant, be sure to include the photos of your food, menus and dining areas, and make your food photos more appetising. If you are a gym, posting photos of your facility and equipment will help you attract enquiries by potential customers.

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3. Adding keywords 

How to get found by customers? Include keywords commonly used by customers to search for your products and services on your Google map listing. Not sure which keywords to use? The best way is to ask customers the keywords they would use to look for your type of business, and include these keywords naturally in your description. Don’t stuff keywords because this will hurt your search ranking. 

4. Encourage customers to leave reviews

Reviews are important as they will improve your ranking. Taiwanese customers also like to read reviews from previous customers before making their purchase decision, so encouraging customers to leave reviews on your Google listing will go a long way to improve your visibility.  

It’s also important to respond to reviews, whether it’s a good or bad one. If there’s a negative review, the best way is to respond honestly, and offer an apology if needed.

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5. Update frequently

Whenever there’s a change in your business such as operation hours, remember to change it immediately on your Google listing. If your customers show up within your listed opening hour and find that you are closed, it will leave a negative impression.

You can also use your Google business profile to share updates:

On the Google business profile, tab on “updates”, then you will be able to add new offers, events, and updates to your business. 

Frequently adding new information to your Google business profile will help boost your visibility and search ranking on Google.

We hope these 5 tips will help you to boost your visibility and ranking on Google map, and help you to attract more customers and sales opportunities!

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