Double 11 promotion

5 Top Strategies to skyrocket your Double 11 sales

Nov 11 (aka Double 11) which was coined originally in China as Singles’ Day, has become one of the most significant sales events in Taiwan.

On this single day, many companies get sales that surpass several regular months. 

It’s a great chance to expand your client base and convert them into repeat customers!

As the event grows exponentially each year, the competition among brands becomes fiercer. To help you navigate this intense retail environment, we’ve outlined five strategies to boost your sales during Double 11.

History of Double 11

Originally celebrated in China as Singles’ Day, Double 11 has become one of the most significant sales events in Taiwan. It represents a massive opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and offers to an eager audience. In recent years, the event has evolved from a single-day shopping spree to a month-long festival with various promotions and activities.

Forms of Double 11 Promotion

In addition to discounts, brands can offer a variety of other incentives to consumers, such as free shipping, lucky draws, and vouchers. Combining these different types of offers can make your promotions more compelling, thereby driving sales.

5 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Double 11 Sales

1. Start Marketing Early

According to Google Trends data from the past five years, interest in the keyword “雙11” begins to spike from mid-October. In a competitive landscape where almost every business is offering some form of promotion, early preparation is key. Brands should start marketing campaigns at least a month in advance to increase exposure and remain top-of-mind for consumers.

2. Complement Online Promotion with Offline Activities

While digital marketing is indispensable, combining online efforts with physical activities can elevate the overall impact. Start by releasing promotional messages on your official website and social media channels. Then, host in-store events to engage with customers who prefer the tactile experience of in-store shopping.

3. Use Different Marketing Channels

Diversifying your promotional channels can help you reach a broader audience. In addition to dominant social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, consider utilizing LINE, which is immensely popular in Taiwan. Collaborating with influencers can also help extend your reach and influence.

4. Focus on Discounts and Promotions

During Double 11, the primary concern for Taiwanese consumers is the amount of discount they can get. Your advertising should, therefore, concentrate on the promotional aspect, whether it’s price reductions, bundled offers, or free gifts.

5. Use a Mix of Promotional Materials

Engage your audience with a variety of materials, including graphics, text, and short-form videos like reels. Not only does this diversity make your campaign more engaging, but reels can also help you reach people who haven’t followed your account yet.

By implementing these 5 strategies, you’re well on your way to maximizing your Double 11 sales in Taiwan.

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