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We specialize in social media marketing, translation, and copywriting,

empowering foreign businesses to create robust marketing strategies,

enhance brand awareness, and thrive in Taiwan's dynamic market.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Translation & localization of marketing materials

Possessing Chinese promotional materials is a crucial first step to penetrate the Taiwan market. We provide more than just translation; we localize your business information with Taiwanese expressions to truly resonate with your clientele.

Social Media Promotion

Taiwanese consumers heavily depend on online information for brand comprehension and purchase decisions.

We curate social media content that builds brand awareness and engages your target audience effectively.


Website content 

Valuable blog content not only builds customer trust and enhances your brand image but also boosts your website ranking.

We will assist in crafting effective blog content, incorporating essential industry keywords


Consultation and strategy

Unsure about the effectiveness of your digital marketing? We'll conduct a comprehensive audit of your social media promotion efforts, identifying key areas for improvement. Based on your marketing goals, we'll establish a strategy and KPIs to help achieve desired results in a shorter time frame.


     Jeanie Tsui (Founder)


Digital Marketing Taiwan is a digital marketing agency based in Taiwan. It was founded in 2019 by copywriting, marketing, and publishing specialist, Jeanie Tsui from Hong Kong. 

Digital Marketing Taiwan noticed a dearth of English information dissecting the digital marketing landscape and trends in Taiwan. They also noted that limited marketing services were available to English-speaking entrepreneurs and companies in the region.

Digital Marketing Taiwan was established as a solution to the problem and is now the hub of English digital marketing information and services in Taiwan. 

They help clients to create foolproof strategies, manage their social media, and localize their translations so that Taiwanese customers engage more actively with them.

Our Approach to Collaborative Digital Marketing


Upon reaching out to us, please provide your business information, website, and social media pages. This will enable us to perform a preliminary analysis of your current digital marketing status.


We'll arrange a discovery call with you to comprehend your business goals (e.g., increasing brand awareness, customer inquiries, sales, etc.) and identify areas you wish to improve.


In alignment with your business goals, we'll assist in establishing a marketing strategy and propose a suite of services designed to help you achieve those goals, tailored to your unique business context.


We'll assist in establishing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track progress, and we'll conduct regular meetings to review goal attainment, making adjustments to marketing strategies as necessary.

Facebook content management

Case study - Vegan Yumz

Service provided: Facebook content creation and translation

"I’m running my own food business in Taiwan, and I have to say, that the most challenging thing is reaching my local customers in a voice that they recognise and trust... Localizations and colloquialism in sales talk that is familiar to people across the country. A language within a language, within a language, if you will. Jeanie was the first translation expert that brought that to my attention after they swept my site and social media. “It’s good, it’s correct but it’s not how people here talk. If you want to reach local customers, you have to speak to them in a voice they are familiar with”. They went on to say that they wouldn’t translate my English copy, per say but rather they will rewrite it in a different voice. And so they did. 

Now, I have no reading ability and my speaking ability is contained within food and beverage. How can I measure the success of this approach?Through the analytics the post drew. Far more engagement than I’ve previously had and great sales, too! They also offer deals for sweeping your site and fixing the language. Highly recommended."

Prashantha Lachana

Founder of Vegan Yumz

Social media marketing

Case study -  Mocana Yoga Taiwan 

Service provided: Facebook content creation and website content translation

"We have been working with Jeanie for our Yoga website translations and Facebook content creation. They are highly professional and responsive to our businesses needs.We are a South African based company who are new to the Taiwan market. Jeanie has performed research specific to our niche and what would work best based on what we needed as a Foreign company in Taiwan.They have been on time with with all of their content creations, are highly responsive in communicating, and provide insight and feedback to our social media content.We highly recommend working with Jeanie, especially as a foreign owned business operating here in Taiwan."

Bianca Hull

Mocana Yoga Taiwan

Case study - Yoga Lab Taipei

Service provided: SEO and Google My Business consultation

"Jeanie was prepared and professional. We went through Google search optimization and she gave sound and practical advice on how to optimize SEO."

Darryl Trimmer

Founder of Yoga Lab Taipei

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